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Making Gauntlet Gadlings

Let’s start with “what’s a gadling”. A gadling is the plate that covers a knuckle on a set of gauntlets that covers individual fingers. In practice, this is simply covering the “gap” between the plates along the finger bones, and with the exception of some early (14th century) gauntlets, these are invariably articulated by riveting them onto a leather (generally buff leather) backing. for a nice picture of a single gauntlet, check out the A213 which is in the collection of Wade Allen – it is one of the few resources on the web that includes interior photos as well as exterior ones. compare and contrast to the A98 pair which are mitten gauntlets.

Gadling and punch

There is a common misconception about gauntlets, that finger gauntlets are more difficult to build than mitten gauntlets. While either type of gauntlet is time consuming, the main challenge to finger gauntlets is simply having the right tools. Gadlings are a particular challenge for most folks, particularly the pyramidal or conical types, as many people seem to think that these need to be shaped in the same way you would make a poleyn or couter (knee or elbow protection). As with many pieces of armour,the first question you should ask yourself is “what is the easiest possible way to make this” – that is generally how these pieces were made, because a medieval armourer had bills to pay and mouths to feed, and didn’t get a bonus for doing things the hard way.

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Gauntlet Punchwork Decoration

Working through the “finishing” stages of my current gauntlets, I though that it would be worth demonstrating how easy it is to do some of the “fiddly bits” that differentiate “nice” reproduction gauntlets from “ho-hum” gauntlets. Almost all gothic armour has in incredible amount of decorative details, much done with punching or filing. Since I have little interest in becoming a master in the use of tiny chisels, I tend to cheat excessively, and the “heart” motifs that are scattered on the edges of many gauntlets plates are very easy to do with a metal punch (or drill) and a jewelers saw or coping saw.

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