Things to remember for heat treated armour

I’ve been cleaning up my heat treated and tempered knees, and thought that it would be useful to make a few notes to remember if you are doing this (or if I’m doing this after a long hiatus, which has been known to happen)

A bunch of this is obvious in retrospect, but my attempt to planish out some surface irregularities on tempered carbon steel was a hilarious (but not at the time) failure. Since I didn’t know how much “depth” I would be losing to firescale I figured that I should do all of my surface updates AFTER heat treating. Oops. This clean-up has taken a whole lot of time, hopefully the rough (150 grit) pass on the other knee will be considerably faster.
Knees partway through grinding with 150 grit to remove the last of the firescale and surface irregularities
So things to remember
Do all of the rough grinding / clean up of surface irregularities before heat treating because:

  • Planishing doesn’t work on hardened steel
  • abrasives are much less effective on tempered steel
  • If I have to clean up any surface irregularities, start with 120 grit instead of 150 grit
  • Do all edge bevels before heat treating (when it’s still easy)

More pictures when this gets finished…

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